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Harbor Freight's tools are renowned for providing good value, often offering the same capabilities as tools from big-name brands at a fraction of the price. While many serious DIY enthusiasts prefer to stock up on thetop-rated tools from DeWalt,there are plenty of reasons to consider Harbor Freight's tools as well.

There's no point in shelling out a fortune for a tool you'll only need once or twice, and so it makes sense to buy one of Harbor Freight's reasonably priced tools instead. Likewise, it's inevitable that even the most organized of DIY enthusiasts will eventually misplace a tool or two, and finding that you're missing the one tool you need halfway through a job can be a real pain. So, keeping backup tools for the most commonly used items in your toolbox is also a great idea.

Whether they're backups, one-offs, or you simply want to substitute the brand name tool for something cheaper, Harbor Freight has a wide range of both hand tools and power tools available at surprisingly cheap prices. Each of these top picks might well come in handy for your next project, and can be picked up for less than $25.

Warrior 12V Cordless ⅜-inch Drill/Driver Kit

Cordless drills from major brands offer superior convenience over their old-school corded counterparts, but there are some downsides. Most have interchangeable batteries, and if you've forgotten to charge the batteries — or worse, can't remember where you've put them — they're no use. Buying backup battery packs is one option, but a more cost-effective option might actually be to buy an entire backup drill.

The Warrior 12V Cordless ⅜-inch Drill/Driver Kit retails for just $19.99, making it cheaper than many branded battery packs. Yet, it's more than capable of dealing with all kinds of light and medium-duty tasks. It also makes a great purchase for family members who might only need to use tools occasionally, perhaps first-time renters or homeowners. Alternatively, it could be a great second drill for frequent travelers who don't want to bring their expensive tools on the road.

The kit includes the tool and an interchangeable Warrior 1.3Ah 12V battery that's also compatible with the brand's other products. It features variable speed control up to 550 rpm and can deliver up to 132 in-lb of torque. It's already trusted by thousands of Harbor Freight customers, with an average of 4.6 out of five stars from more than 2,200 reviews. 95% of customers said they'd recommend the product. This is a Harbor Freight tool worth keeping around during your next home restoration project.

Pittsburgh Fully Polished 32 Piece Wrench Set

There are few things more annoying than being in the middle of a job and not being able to find the right size tool. Wrenches can be easily misplaced so it's always worth having a second set, especially when they're so cheap. Harbor Freight offers the Pittsburgh 32 Piece Wrench Set for just $21.99, which features a range of metric and SAE sizes.

Each wrench is made from carbon steel for durability, with a chrome finish for a premium look. All come with prominent Pittsburgh branding — Pittsburgh being one of Harbor Freight's surprisingly large range of in-house brands(along with all the other brands on this list) — with both standard and stubby lengths included. Customers are in almost unanimous agreement that the wrench set is well worth its modest price, giving it an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars from over 1,200 reviews. An impressive 98% of those reviewed said that they'd recommend the item.

Warrior 1.1 Amp Corner/Detail Sander

For occasional project work, there's no need to shell out a fortune for a brand name sander. Instead, Harbor Freight's Warrior 1.1 Amp Corner/Detail Sander should do the job, and it costs only $17.99. It can reach orbit speeds of up to 12,500 orbits per minute, and features a simple easy-clean dust bag to keep mess to a minimum. Sanding pads can be bought for a few bucks extra from Harbor Freight's website, and when it's time to replace a pad, the hook and loop fastening system ensures it's a painless task.

Its value for money is backed up by the high number of positive reviews from Harbor Freight customers. Over 1,700 customers have reviewed the sander as of this writing, with an average rating of 4.6 out of five stars. Many praise its value for money and light weight, as well as attesting to its durability. 95% of customers who left a review said that they'd recommend the product.

Portland Saw 10 Inch Japanese Style Double-Edge Saw

Everyone likes a two-for-one deal. With the Portland Saw 10 Inch Japanese Style Double-Edge Saw, buyers quite literally get two saw blades in one, with one side featuring 16 teeth per inch for cross-cutting and the other featuring seven teeth per inch for rip-cutting. A blade guard is also included to prevent accidents when either side of the saw isn't being used. The blade itself is made from high-carbon steel, while the thermoplastic rubber handle ensures that the saw is both comfortable to hold and won't slip in your hand.

The saw is lightweight too, weighing less than one pound. Harbor Freight customers consistently agree on the saw's versatility for the price, giving it an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars from over 1,200 reviews. Several note how surprised they were about how much they use the saw, reporting that it became their go-to option for small woodworking projects despite them initially buying it on a whim.

Pittsburgh 12 Piece Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are a basic but essential part of any toolbox, so it never hurts to stock up on spares. Especially not when a set is available for $6.99, like the Pittsburgh 12 Piece Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set. The set includes screwdrivers with both Phillips and slotted tips, each of which is magnetic. The shaft of each screwdriver is made of chrome vanadium steel, while the handle is ribbed for improved grip.

The Pittsburgh screwdriver set boasts very positive reviews on Harbor Freight's website, with an exceptional 100% of reviewers saying that they'd recommend the product. There are currently over 3,000 owner reviews listed at time of writing, with an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars. A significant number of those reviews highlight the set's value for money, especially when compared to similar sets from big brand names. Others note that the quality of the set was impressive for the price, especially when bought as a backup set or for occasional use.

Warrior 1500 Watt 11 Amp Dual Temperature Heat Gun

The Warrior 1500 Watt 11 Amp Dual Temperature Heat Gun is a great value option, retailing for $19.99, yet it doesn't sacrifice versatility. It can reach temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit but also features a low-temperature setting for less intensive uses. The power cord is 6 feet long, making it suitable for use in a range of locations, not just on a workbench. The toughened plastic body keeps the outside of the tool cool even when it's toggled to maximum temperature.

Basic tools like this can't rely on the appeal of extra features or prestigious brand names, instead offering buyers a straightforward combination of durability and value. The durability aspect has been thoroughly tested by Harbor Freight reviewers, one of whom reported that they'd dropped the tool five times and it had not been damaged. The more than 4,000 reviewers can also attest to the heat gun's value for money, with 97% of those reviewers saying that they'd recommend the tool. Overall, the heat gun has received an average of 4.7 out of five stars as of this writing.

Central Pneumatic ⅜-inch Air Ratchet Wrench

Whether you're a project car owner or just prefer to work on your daily driver rather than pay someone else to do it, the Central Pneumatic⅜-inch Air Ratchet Wrench is worth considering. It can be picked up from Harbor Freight for $22.99 and is designed for use in tight spots where larger, more cumbersome wrenches would struggle to fit. It's good for up to 50 lb-ft of torque despite weighing less than 3 pounds and can reach a maximum speed of 130 rpm.

With almost 1,000 customer reviews on Harbor Freight's website at an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars, it can be trusted to get the job done too. 93% of those buyers who left a review gave it a "recommend" rating, with many citing its low asking price as their primary reason for purchase. Quite simply, there's no point paying more for a tool when a cheaper alternative is just as capable, and the Central Pneumatic wrench is about as cheap as they come while still remaining up to the task. This is a Harbor Freight tool every mechanic won't mind having in their garage.

Warrior 2 Amp Variable-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool

Another versatile tool for all kinds of DIY and household jobs is the Warrior 2 Amp Variable-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool. It retails at Harbor Freight for $19.99 and boasts an average of 4.5 out of five stars from over 900 customer reviews. Of those reviewers, 93% said they'd be happy to recommend the product. The tool can reach speeds of up to 20,000 oscillations per minute and features a molded grip to make it comfortable to use for longer jobs.

Exactly what jobs it can be used for will vary between owners — there are more than 30 different attachments available for use in a huge range of tasks, but they're all sold separately. How versatile the tool is will come down to how many additional attachments buyers end up purchasing. Buying the tool and many of these blades will just about push the price over $25, but not always — the cheapest blade attachments can be found on Harbor Freight's website for as little as $4.99.

Bauer 20V/120V Cordless Dual Power Fan

Especially for buyers living in hotter parts of the country, keeping a workspace ventilated and cool during projects can be difficult. The Bauer 20V/120V Cordless Dual Power Fan adds an extra option to your arsenal for $24.99, just squeezing in under budget. It can be powered either by a 120V cord or by a Bauer 20V lithium battery, which is sold separately. The fan circulates air at up to 12 mph — no mean feat considering its compact size — at volumes of up to 250 cubic feet per minute.

The fan head rotates up to 180 degrees to keep you cool no matter where it's mounted, and a variety of mounting options are available, including integrated rafter hooks. Using a Bauer 3Ah battery should give the fan a runtime of up to 6 hours. The fan gets consistently strong reviews from customers, with an average of 4.6 out of five stars from almost 500 reviews and 94% of customers willing to recommend it to others.

Pittsburgh 18 Inch Bolt Cutters

While most DIY enthusiasts and homeowners won't need bolt cutters regularly, it's always useful to keep a pair handy just in case. The Pittsburgh 18-inch Bolt Cutters strike the right balance of being tough enough to deal with all kinds of bolts and chains but affordable enough that they won't break the bank. Over 1,100 Harbor Freight customers have reviewed them, giving them an average score of 4.6 out of five. 95% of those customers would be willing to recommend the cutters.

The cutter jaws are made from high carbon steel while the handles are made from tubular steel. While it's unlikely that most occasional users will need to replace the jaws, they can be easily unfastened and replaced if needed. The jaws are also adjustable to cater to a wider range of jobs and feature a cutting capacity of a quarter inch.

10 Top Rated Harbor Freight Finds Under $25 - SlashGear (2024)


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